Florida Center for Cybersecurity

The Florida Center for Cybersecurity (FC2) supports and encourages collaboration across the State University System (SUS) to promote innovation and productivity in cybersecurity. Through this Capacity Building Program, the Center intends to incentivize its SUS partners to take a market-based approach in developing and enhancing educational capabilities to meet statewide workforce needs, and undertake other initiatives aligned with the Center's mission. Funding may be requested for curriculum development, lab/ technology development, or community outreach initiatives designed to increase awareness and educate diverse audiences.

2017 Florida Center for Cybersecurity Capacity Building Program RFP

Eligibility Information

Faculty and non-faculty SUS employees are eligible to apply. Applicant or applicants must be a stakeholder of the project. FC2 encourages collaboration of multiple SUS institutions to eliminate duplicate efforts, maximize resources, and promote synergy amongst our academic partners. While FC2 encourages stakeholders to seek matching funds from their own institutions it will not reject proposals that do not meet this desired goal.

Award Information

Approximately $750,000 will be available for disbursement from FC2 in 2017. Maximum budget request for each proposal must not exceed $100,000. The Center reserves the right to negotiate final award amounts.

2017 Focus Areas

  • Curriculum Development
  • Lab/Technology Development
  • Community Outreach

Proposal Submissions

Submission Due Date: March 2, 2017

For additional information regarding the program or RFP requirements, please contact us at fc2awards@usf.edu.

The Capacity Building Program incentivizes our SUS partners to develop and enhance educational capabilities to meet the workforce needs of our broad stakeholder base.