Florida Center for Cybersecurity

The Florida Center for Cybersecurity encourages cyber awareness, community engagement, and information sharing through Center-led events, such as the annual conference and research symposium, and through sponsoring and supporting events led by community, industry, and academic partners throughout the state. 

Upcoming Events

Florida Airports Council 2018 49th Annual Conference & Exposition
Tampa, Florida • July 15-18, 2018
The Florida Center for Cybersecurity will participate in IT: Business Intelligence/Cybersecurity/Indemnification (Risk) Panel discussion at the Florida Airports Council's annual conference on July 16 at 3:00 pm. Visit the 2018 49th Annual Conference & Exposition website to learn more.

ISACA Tallahassee 2018 Cybersecurity Summit
Tallahassee, Florida • August 23-24, 2018
FC2 Director Sri Sridharan will present "The State of Cybersecurity: Trends, Challenges, and Best Practices" at ISACA Tallahassee's 2018 Cybersecurity Summit on the afternoon of August 23 at the Turnbull Conference Center.

Florida Cyber Conference 2018
Tampa, Florida • October 11, 2018
The Florida Center for Cybersecurity's fifth annual conference has been rebranded as Florida Cyber Conference 2018. Join hundreds of stakeholders in industry, academia, government, and defense for a full-day of breakout sessions, panels, networking, and more! Visit the Florida Cyber Conference 2018 website for the latest announcements.