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Step into The Circuit

Prepare to step inside The Circuit powered by Circadence, an interactive lounge where you can test your knowledge, skills and abilities through hands-on-keyboard cyber challenges, lock picking, trivia, and more!

Project Ares

The central feature of The Circuit will be Circadence's Project Ares, an immersive, mission-specific virtual environment supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning that uses real-world cyber tools to teach and test cyber skills. Through Project Ares you can

  • Access the Media Center to review relevant reference material, watch concept videos, and play technical mini-games to advance fundamental skills;
  • Enter the Battle Room to engage with cybersecurity tools and tasks relevant for tactical practice and to master hands-on-keyboard techniques; and
  • Participate in realistic mission scenarios, work through problems end-to-end and earn skill badges while engaging in single-player cyber tasks and/or participating in large-scale, cooperative settings.

Players of all skill levels are invited to play. Prizes will be awarded to the top individual player and top team. Bring your laptop and prepare to dominate!

Not ready for team play? No problem! Test your cyber knowledge with trivia games, build your skills through individual games, try your hand at lockpicking in the Lockpick Village, or watch the action unfold on the big screen!

Mission 6: Angry Tiger: Phishing and Exfiltration

The Project Ares mission selected for Networking the Future is Angry Tiger. Conduct a risk assessment of SIRDACON's existing network structure and cyber risk posture for possible phishing attacks. Understand threat vectors used in Saudi Arabia Aramco and Doha RasGas cyberattacks. Review any detectable weaknesses and ensure no malicious activity is currently on the network.

Mission 6 Team-Play Details

  • Teams with as few as 2 or as many as 5 players may participate
  • Mission 6 may take up to 4 hours to complete
  • The team with the most overall points at the conclusion of The Circuit powered by Circadence will win the mission prize package

Prizes will be awarded to the single player with the highest number of experience points and to the team with the highest number of points. What's at stake? Bragging rights and valuable certification training packages provided by EC-Council, the world's largest cybersecurity technical certification body

The Circuit Guidelines

  • The Circuit powered by Circadence will run from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm in Room 13-16
  • No advanced registration required
  • Bring your own laptop to participate
  • Two prize categories, made possible by EC-Council:
    • Individual player with most points
    • Team with most points for Mission 6 play 
    • Winners of the two prize categories will be announced at 4:00 pm in the conference exhibit hall (Ballroom A). Winners must be present to collect their prize.
  • Still have questions? E-mail FC2events@usf.edu
About Circadence

Circadence® Corporation is a market leader in next-generation cybersecurity education and training. Circadence's ecosystem is the first fully immersive, AI-powered cybersecurity training and assessment platform for government and enterprise organizations. Circadence's solutions modernize outdated and largely generic cybersecurity training with an advanced online gaming platform that delivers persistent, immersive, and real-to-life experiences that match and adapt to a contemporary threat environment. For more information on Circadence, visit www.circadence.com/.

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