Florida Center for Cybersecurity

The Florida Center for Cybersecurity is proud to share The State of Cybersecurity in Florida report. FC2 contracted with Gartner to conduct the study and document their findings in The State of Cybersecurity in Florida, a report that comprehensively reviews the state's cyber threat environment, workforce supply and demand, education and training opportunities, and research initiatives. The report also examines the cyber readiness of Florida's businesses, agencies, and organizations in 12 critical areas against industry standard as well as national averages. We hope the data and insights presented in The State of Cybersecurity in Florida will be a valuable resource for policymakers and stakeholders as we work together to make Florida "The Cyber State."

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What's Inside

Insight into Florida's growing cybersecurity talent shortage:

  • 68% of organizations surveyed report cyber staffing challenges
  • Compensation for mid- and junior-level positions in Florida is $5,000 to $10,000 per position higher than the national average

An overview of the threats facing Florida businesses:

  • Reports of corporate data breaches in Florida rose 17.8% between 2015 and 2016
  • 41% of organizations surveyed report having suffered a breach
  • Only 32% of organizations surveyed are confident they are prepared for a cyberattack

A look at the steps organizations are taking to mitigate these threats:

  • 80% of organizations surveyed require all personnel to complete security training
  • 87% of organizations surveyed technologically enforce strong passwords
  • More than 85% of organizations surveyed have disaster recovery and business continuity plans (though only 32% regularly test those plans)

This report is intended to facilitate decision making for policymakers and stakeholders in industry, academia, defense, and government.