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Third Annual Conference keynotes to reveal tomorrow's cybersecurity concerns

TAMPA, Fla. (September 9, 2016) – Get to know the dynamic keynote speakers scheduled for the Florida Center for Cybersecurity's Third Annual Conference at the Tampa Convention Center on Oct. 25.

This year's keynote speakers are executives from two of the biggest names in industry, Microsoft and RSA. Microsoft's Scott Charney and Arthur W. Coviello Jr., the retired executive chairman of RSA, will focus on emerging cybersecurity issues that have dominated the conversation in 2016.


"With the unprecedented number of corporate and government data breaches, we felt it was important this year to choose keynote speakers who can help industry mitigate these challenges," said Sri Sridharan, managing director and chief operating officer at the Florida Center for Cybersecurity. "Mr. Charney and Mr. Coviello bring a wealth of experience, and they are dynamic speakers. Their keynote addresses will appeal to both technical and non-technical audience members."

The sessions are presented by the University of South Florida and The SunTrust Foundation Lecture Series.

Scott Charney
Corporate Vice President for Trustworthy Computing for Microsoft

About Mr. Charney: Scott Charney helps to ensure Microsoft's products and services comply with security and privacy settings. Charney also leads Microsoft's engagements with governments, partners and customers on security and privacy issues. Before joining Microsoft in 2002, he led PricewaterhouseCoopers' Cybercrime Prevention and Response Practice.

Keynote Topic: Charney's address, "Information Security – Forces of Change," will discuss three forces of change that are changing the way experts think about information security:

  • Governments are building offensive capabilities, demanding access to data and are concerned that dependence on foreign-sourced ICT raises national security issues.
  • Computer exploitation (the theft of data) has been supplemented by destructive attacks, creating new concerns for computer users.
  • IT models are changing as the world embraces both the cloud and the Internet of Things.

This session will address these forces of change and how they'll shape the future of computer security.

Arthur W. Coviello Jr.
Executive Chairman (retired), RSA, The Security Division of EMC

About Mr. Coviello: Art Coviello recently retired as executive chairman of RSA and executive vice president of EMC, one of the largest infosec companies in the world. During his two-decade career at RSA, the company evolved from its roots in authentication and encryption to being a leader in the most important emerging areas of the industry. During his tenure, RSA increased revenue from $25 million in 1995 to more than $1 billion in 2014. Mr. Coviello serves on the Board of Advisors for the Florida Center for Cybersecurity.

Keynote Topic: Coviello's address, "The Future of Security and Privacy: A Head on Collision or Two Sides of the Same Coin?" will discuss the disaster that awaits us if we maintain the present discourse of acrimonious debate between privacy and security advocates. He will then propose what needs to change in the dialogue and how a new model for security and privacy, including norms of behavior, methodologies and technology, can evolve with the potential for a more secure world that doesn't sacrifice personal privacy and freedom.

About the Third Annual Conference

In addition to our two respected keynote speakers, this year's conference features 12 concurrent sessions on cybersecurity workforce development, research, current trends and more. Attendees will have access to exhibitor displays, panel discussions, networking opportunities and live demonstrations throughout the event. Click here to learn more and register.

About the Florida Center for Cybersecurity

Created during the 2014 legislative session, the Florida Center for Cybersecurity (FC2) is a shared resource for cybersecurity research, education and outreach across the state and beyond. The Center fosters collaboration between higher education, government, defense and business communities to share knowledge, resources and training opportunities that help mitigate cybersecurity threats and create opportunities for innovative solutions. Located at the University of South Florida, FC2 is leading efforts to position Florida as a national leader in cybersecurity.


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