Florida Center for Cybersecurity


The Whitehatters Computer Security Club is a USF student organization that participates in Capture the Flag competitions and promotes cybersecurity awareness. The Whitehatters hold weekly meetings, participate in a variety of campus events, and give members the opportunity to build hands-on, resume-building experience in information security.


Also known as the Collegiate Cyber Defense Club, Hack@UCF was founded in 2012 and boasts more than 200 members to date. They work to foster a generation that is aware of information security, specifically in Central Florida, through campus participation. Hack@UCF competes in offense-based virtual Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions; provides tutorials and workshops about offensive and defensive security strategies; hosts guest speakers; and tours a variety of cyber-related organizations.

Joining student cybersecurity groups is a great way to gain hands-on experience before entering the workforce.