Florida Center for Cybersecurity

The mission of the Florida Center for Cybersecurity (FC2) is to:

• Position Florida as the national leader in cybersecurity and its related workforce through education, community engagement and innovative, interdisciplinary research;

• Create thousands of new high-paying jobs in the state's cybersecurity industry;

• Serve as a facilitator for cybersecurity education - providing degrees, certificates, and training while contributing to Board of Governors priorities and encouraging students in non-IT majors to obtain industry-recognized cybersecurity specializations to enhance employability and wages upon earning their desired degrees;

• Enhance Florida's cybersecurity workforce, including reintegrating military veterans by utilizing their specialized skills and training;

• Act as a cybersecurity clearinghouse for statewide business and higher education communities - sharing knowledge, resources, and training opportunities to help mitigate cybersecurity threats, and optimizing investment to eliminate unnecessary duplication;

• Attract new financial, healthcare, transportation, utility and defense companies to Florida.

Florida Center for Cybersecurity October Conference 2015

Making Florida the Cyber State